Patricia Apergi / Aerites Dance Company

Tina Valentan

Mala Kline

Marcos Morau / La Veronal

Alessandro Sciarroni

Marie-Caroline Hominal


Modul-dance project supports 52 choreographers, approximately 500 artists participating in international exchange and presentation are involved, and at least 400 presentations of their works will be shown throughout Europe.

  • Mala Kline_Eden © Matija Lukić
  • Qudus Onikeku_Still/Life
  • Arno Schuitemaker "I is an Other" © Wim Selles
  • An Kaler_Untimely Encounters at TBA21 Wien_© Eva Würdinger


Modul-dance is a multi-annual cooperation project (2010-2014) with the participation of 20 dancehouses from 16 European countries.

It focuses on the development of independent professional dance artists.

Its aim is to create the optimum production conditions for artists, dancers and choreographers throughout Europe in order to facilitate their mobility and promote the dissemination of their work.

52 choreographers are supported by the project and approximately 500 artists are participating in international exchange.


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    Focus Danse in Lyon

    The 4th edition of Focus Danse, organized by Lyon Dance Biennale and Onda-French Office from contemporary performing arts circulation will take place from September 17th to 20th. For this edition, dance opens up, and embraces other disciplines working on the movement issue. Over the course of 4 days, 11 shows and creations, meetings with artists, […]

  • Book-The-Ethics-of-Art

    Publication of the book “The Ethics of Art. Ecological Turns in the Performing Arts”

    We are glad to announce the publication of the book The Ethics of Art, based on the contents of the 3rd modul-dance conference that took place in Tilburg in October 2012. Within the arts there is a growing ethical consciousness, both in the way it relates to the larger social, political and economic challenges and […]