Sâlmon Festival 2012

SÂLMON<, a new festival in Barcelona

Mercat de les Flors and Graner, one of the creation factories in Barcelona present the new independent artists’ festival SÂLMON>. European Talents Upstream.

SÂLMON< offers a two-week programme which presents artists who have participated in the modul-dance project led by the Mercat de les Flors, artists who have completed the various modules in the project, such as research, residencies and production in different member states. Graner helps to coordinate modul-dance by offering artistic residencies and Cartes Blanches; these are small-scale work opportunities on an international level offered to Catalan and Spanish artists so that they can establish links with other creative spaces and create artistic synergies.

Those artists who have completed a residency at Graner and have been selected by the festival curators also take part in SÂLMON<.

SÂLMON<  is conceived as an event for presentations, meetings and discovery to be shared by the audience, artists and anyone interested in seeing different approaches to movement and dance, a new event in the city, a stable annual festival that allows the audience to view and accompany the artists’ work within a participatory European framework.

The modul-dance artists included in the artistic program are: the English Ben Duke/Lost Dog with It Needs Horses/Home for Broken Turns, the Swedish choreographer Helena Franzén with Slipping Through My Fingers and the Portuguese Tânia Carvalho with Icosahedron.

Carte Blanche artists Mizar Martínez and Sònia Sánchez and Daniel Abreu, a modul-dance 2010 selected artist will be also performing in the festival. The French company La Zampa will present a work in progress of its project Spekies.

Read here the programme.


This entry was posted on Thursday, October 25, 2012