Sâlmon Festival 2013

SÂLMON< festival in Barcelona: Dance European Talents Upstream

SÂLMON< festival starts its second edition. Mercat de les Flors and Graner remain committed to talent, to creators with new proposals, artists with fresh ideas, European and, sometimes, going against the current. A look at local and international artists in the framework of the artistic residencies offered by Graner, centre for dance creation and the European modul-dance project. A busy programme of events lasting two weeks, with different formats and diverse approaches to the body and movement.

The festival, that will take place from October the 19th to November the 3rd, offers a look at international creations linked to the modul-dance project. The Loose Collective will open the festival with a concert-performance about the Old Testament. Other artists who were in residence at Graner while creating their shows will be presented during SÂLMON<: Alessandro Sciarroni, Eugénie Rebetez, Patricia Apergi/Aerites Dance Company and Jurij Konjar with Martin Kilvady, member of the collective Les Slovaks.

SÂLMON< aims to consolidate itself as a space that gives visibility to different ways of understanding choreography. The festival includes shows, laboratories for professionals, spaces for reflection and spaces for meetings with the public.

All the contents here.

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