Dansens Hus Stockholm

Focus on dancehouses: Dansens Hus Stockholm

Dansens Hus is Sweden’s largest venue for contemporary dance and closely related performance art from Sweden and around the world. Located in central Stockholm, Dansens Hus has two stages with 750 and 140 seats respectively. We present around 35 performances a year and have between 60,000 – 90,000 visitors on an annual basis.

Dansens Hus was founded in 1991 and works actively to strengthen the role of contemporary dance in Sweden. In addition to performances, seminars, lectures, workshops and exhibitions arranges.

We have a rich history, a strong position in the dance industry and is a unique link between contemporary artists and their audiences through the quality-focused artistic program installation. Dansens Hus works with current issues, strong artistic vision and keen involvement in our contemporary world. It’s our commitment to secure a place for creativity, discussions and meetings. The scene brings together public and performing arts, and explore diversity.

Dansens Hus strengthens dance arts position in society by working with culture and arts policy and to be a vibrant meeting place that is involved in a creative, inspiring and guiding discussion in Swedish cultural life. We have a strong international position which is used to contribute to the development of Swedish dance and is actively working with internationalization increased mobility and networking to strengthen Swedish dance life and to create new formats of cooperation with other actors.

In the last years Dansens Hus has hosted modul-dance artists such as Cie. Chatha, Leja Jurišić, La Zampa, The Loose Collective, The Mob, Julia Cima, Antje Pfundtner and Frauke Requardt. These artists have been visiting Dansens Hus in the form of residency and/or presentation. But beside these artists Dansens Hus also created a festival that presented modul-dance artist to the Swedish audience.

In 2013 Dansens Hus organized the festival Dans which hosted five modul-dance artists – An Kaler, Alexandra Waierstall, David Wampach, Marcos Morau/La Veronal and The Loose Collective. The festival was initiated by Dansens Hus and was collaboration between several big institutions and dance venues like Bonniers Konsthall, The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Kulturhuset City Theater, MDT, The Royal Swedish Opera, Weld etc. During five days and on 12 stages the audience was able to experience the multifaceted expressions of contemporary dance gathered in one festival.

Dansens Hus have also produced and presented Swedish modul-dance artist encouraged to create pieces for big stages. One of these Swedish modul-dance artists, Gunilla Heilborn, created her piece The Academy which was reviewed with the words: “The Academy shimmers with humor and happy humanity…. I cannot help but love the performance”. Another Swedish modul-dance artist, Helena Franzén’s, work Slipping Through my Fingers was about the pleasure of losing control and seeking the intangible – daring to do what you do not usually do. We will present our third and last modul-dance artist in December this year – Jefta van Dinther’s new piece As it Empties Out. We are happy with all partners’ contribution for the piece and are looking forward to host the Swedish premiere of the piece within the project of modul-dance. Last but not least, modul-dance as a project hasn’t just enriched many European choreographers, but also our employees and Dansens Hus as an institution.

This entry was posted on Sunday, October 19, 2014