DeVIR/CAPa Faro © Luis da Cruz

Focus on dancehouses: DeVIR/CAPa Faro

We started off in 1994, with the launch of an international contemporary dance festival – “a sul” (south bound). In 2001 we created CAPa – the Algarve Centre for Performing Arts – a multidisciplinary venue in Faro/Portugal, without permanent artists, but instead, dedicated to support creative artistic work.

CAPa’s main activity it’s the artistic residency programme, hosting residencies for national and international artists all year round, granting work spaces and technical and logistic support for the development of their creations, emergent proposals that invest preferably in experimenting and mixing languages. This program is open to anyone interested, through annual applications. We also develop a full set of audience-related events (national and international), such as festivals and platforms, programme seasons, workshops, networking with other similar structures and community-based projects.

CAPa’s Artistic Residency Programme comprehends diversity and it is designed to encourage crossing and interaction between different arts. Workspaces (2 studios and a black box), accommodation (15 beds), and access to other CAPa facilities (kitchen, office, laundry) is made available.

Since the very beginning, CAPa has been a home for many. It’s a place where it’s possible to live, temporarily, in absolute devotion to creative processes. Many creations were born, developed or finished here. CAPa is a place for working and settling into, a place where your ideas can freely come together and where it’s possible to transform projects into a reality. Our creative residency program grants to resident technical teams full access to all facilities within one single building. All together, the availability of all these facilities does make a difference in a work progress environment, especially in an on-going creative process. Our former residents agreed that our ready-to-use and open features contribute to productive and well-focused work journey, throughout the residency.

After our 13 year-old experience, we can state that this has been a major factor of interested for the great amount of applications that we get every year, by national and internationally renowned artists.

It was due to the international recognition of our program throughout the last decade that we were invited to be part of the IDEE – Initiatives in Dance through European Exchange – and afterwards to be founding members of the EDN – European Dancehouse Network and co-organizers / single members in Portugal of the modul-dance project.

In the scope of the modul-dance project DeVIR/CAPa hosted: Jasmina Krizaj, Anne Juren, Helena Franzén, Liz Roche, Tina valentan, La Veronal, Los Corderos (residency modules); and also Kajsa Sandstrom, Iza Szostak (Carte Blanche). We also had the opportunity of proposing Cláudia Dias and Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz – Portuguese choreographers for modul-artists.

In 2012 we organized the 1st edition of «encontros do DeVIR» – a new multidisciplinary festival focusing social and environmental issues that are common to different south European countries. It includes the local community and an array of renowned Portuguese artists of performing arts and other artistic and social areas.

Currently we are developing the 2nd edition of this festival totally directed to young audiences (2014-15), as well as organizing the 3rd edition of «encontros do DeVIR» for general audience, which will happen in 2016.

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