Mercat de les Flors © Román Yñan

Final modul-dance conference in Barcelona

Conversations provide the title to the conference that closes the four years and a half of the modul-dance project that will take place at Mercat de les Flors (27-29 November). Artists and partners involved in the project will stay together for 3 days in order to share and dialogue. The conferece is set up like a space open to the exchange of ideas, methodologies and affections. A space for the dialogue between artists and dancehouse directors, travel mates, which allow to go deep and strengthen relationships, which gives continuity to already started conversations and leave the door open to possible future relationships. In the same way, the conference talks with the city that host it, Barcelona. Walking with local artists, visits to different artistic spaces of the city and the Sâlmon< Festival programme generates intersections with the local context that enrich this dialogue.

Download the conference programme here.

This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 25, 2014