Dance Gate Lefkosia Cyprus

Focus on dancehouses: Dancehouse Lefkosia

Dancehouse Lefkosia is a new infrastructure organization founded officially in August 2012, by three organizations Dance Gate Lefkosia, Dance Lab and Lefkosia Youth Ballet.

Dancehouse Lefkosia’s purpose is to bring together the whole dance community in Cyprus , for the development and promotion of the art of dance on a local and international level. Its chief aim is to provide dance and dancers a home/a building and a structure that fulfils the needs of professional contemporary dancers, dance companies , dance students within a wide range of services. Furthermore it aims to provide the possibility for rehearsals, performances, classes as well as information and consulting services for young dancers. Amongst its programmes will be opportunities for residencies exchange and dialogue with other dancehouses from the European and International Dance scene.

As a Dancehouse dedicated to dance as a today’s artform, L-DH will ensure that the space – the building- is open offering its facilities for collaboration and dialogue with the other related performance and contemporary art-forms for the purpose of performances, presentations, exhibitions, concerts of contemporary music etc.

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