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Focus on dancehouses: Dansehallerne Copenhagen

Dansehallerne is a vital hub and national competence center for dance as an art form. The purpose of Dansehallerne is to strengthen, develop and disseminate dance as an art form and to ensure the visibility of dance and its location in cultural life. Dansehallerne presents national and international dance on the two stages in the house and provides a framework for the professional contemporary dance community through; information center, studios and artistic development. Additionally Dansehallerne offers dance as an art form for and with children and young people in partnership with municipalities and schools. The headquater of Dansehallerne is located in Carlsberg City and has a small office in the heart of Aarhus. Dansehallerne is an independent institution with an operating grant from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Copenhagen.

We have been very excited by the possibilities that modul-dance made not only for us as an organization but also for the two Danish artists Tina Tarpgaard and The Mob, who became modul-dance artists during the four years. Mostly we hosted residencies, both long and short, with Tina Valentan (SLO), The Loose Collective (A), Alessandro Sciarroni (I), Luca Silvestrini (UK) and Jurij Konjar (SLO). This proved very exciting for both us as an organization as well as the local dance community, as we did not have a culture of residency previously. This positive impact on the organization has resulted in continuing with the concept of residencies as formed by modul-dance. Although we are piloting this as a model of reciprocity with K3 in Hamburg we expect to be able to increase the number of Dancehouses we have this arrangement with over the next three years.

As well as these residencies we also hosted performances by Kaori Ito, Jurij Konjar, Alessandro Sciarroni and The Loose Collective.

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