Arc For Dance Festival. Modul-dance festival. DDRC Athens


The Arc For Dance Festival includes six artists from two European programmes based on networking: the Spider Expand and modul-dance in which DANCEE and Duncan Dance Center participate as partners respectively. Along with them, a new generation of Greek choreographers who, through deep research and experimentation, articulate a recognizable language.

Modul-dance projects

Patricia Apergi/Aerites Dance Company, Planites. 04/05/2014

Other shows by modul-dance artists

Sofia Días & Vítor Roriz, A gesture that is nothing but a threat. 02/05/2014

Tânia Carvalho, Sincopa. 03/05/2014

Other artists

Antonis Sporidis, Wishfull Thinking The fantasy cycle. 02/05/2014

Mariza Vinieratou, Auto-da-fé. 02/05/2014

Meytal Blanaru, Aurora. 02/05/2014

Artemis Lambiri, META. 03/05/2014

Luis Guerra, Primeira dance de Urizen. 03/05/2014

Chritina Gouzeli & Paul Blackman. Lucid. 03/05/2014

Christos Xyrafakis. Rutas. 04/05/2014

Renate Graziadei & Arthur Staldi. Retour (what if…). 04/05/2014

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Event Details

  • Starting Date: 02-05-2014
  • Ending Date: 04-05-2014
  • Address: The Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research Center, Chrisafis 43 and Dikearchou, 16 . Athens (Greece)