CoFestival. Modul-dance festival. Kino Šiška Ljubljana


Modul-dance projects

The Loose Collective.The Old Testament according to The Loose Collective. 26/05/2012

The Austria-based international group dedicate themselves to the entire text of the Old Testament. Using contemporary-performance methods they propose a physical and musical translation of this enormous body of text, which even today is still an expression of creativity and utopia, of human ambition and frustration.

Leja Jurišić. Ballet of Revolt. 27/05/2012

Art has always been a response to the return or repressed unconscious elements at individual and social level. Every crisis should be a reminder to us of the importance of thinking about the future. A crisis almost always results from earlier failures to deal with an emerging problem or to anticipate a likely eventuality.

Itamar Serussi, Mono. 29/05/2012

mono is about several effects, directions, decisions and happenings coming together, and thus creating something new. Things that somehow “click” in place as well. As his own life does right now with the birth of his two kids, the international acclaim he experiences and this first chance to make a full-length dance piece for the theater.

Mala Kline. Eden. 30/05/2012

Eden juxtaposes two worlds that are simultaneously present in the meeting between a performer and an audience. The here and now of the theatrical meeting collides with the realm of images that hover in the spaces within, outside and in-between the bodies.

Qudus Onikeku. STILL/Life. 31/05/2012

It is simply the story of the rise and fall of man, and the cycle of time within which we are caught. Qudus Onikeku intend to simultaneously make visible the head and the tail of the same coin at the same time, to identify those motives that preoccupies men of power, and slowly transform them into a murderous monster.

La Zampa. Spekies. 31/05/2012

Spekies (from the Latin, aspect, vision, appearance) is an approach to shape and premonition that we lead in the company of guitar-player Marc Sens and the author of modern detective stories, Caryl Férey.

Jasmina Križaj. The very delicious piece. 01/06/2012

The stage work The very delicious piece is a satellite piece of Jasmina Krizaj’s larger research. It is first and foremost a search for the long lost essentially, intensity and insistency. It is a limbo meeting between entertainment, a personal experience in two and how our own vibrant transformation reaches a still audience.

Tina Tarpgaard. Living-Room. 03/06/2012

Living Room is a room in motion, evoked not just by the dancers but also by an almost organically alive video scenography. The floor starts to move, the floor disappears – the space begins to breathe….

Tina Valentan. Working Title. 03/06/2012

Theater installation that analyses the relation between a moving body and the gaze. It communicates with a decomposable figure of the body and an ambiguous presence that provoke the question of identification with stage development and the question of the position of power.

Event Details

  • Starting Date: 26-05-2012
  • Ending Date: 08-06-2012
  • Address: Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture, Trg Prekomorskih brigad 3. Ljubljana (Slovenia)