Film Screenings. Dansehallerne Copenhagen


Dancefilm program curated by Núria Font/NU2s projected at Tanzhaus NRW in the context of Carl Dansefestival. Films projected:

  • Animalz. Sergio Cruz. Portugal/UK (2006). 4′

Animalz is an exuberant fantasy in which boys emerge from the sea, like the original amphibians, and colonise a forest, marking out their territory in a break-dance celebration of Nature and her feral sons. The film takes the urban B-Boy skills of Brighton and Hove’s B3 Boys into the city’s surrounding natural landscapes, where sixteen 8-14 year-old dancers were encouraged to bring out the animal in themselves in their energetic performances.

Director: Sergio Cruz / Choreographers: JP Omari, Sergio Cruz

  • Stronger. Wilkie Branson. UK (2010). 4′

A story about a happy meeting of two travelling companions. Dance becomes action, the adventure of two bodies  —two souls who had previously been alone— through a wooded mountain. A choreography for two dancers in an outdoor, natural space, to the vigorous rhythms of hip-hop, breakdance and bboy.

Director: Wilkie Branson / Choreographer: Champloo Dance Company / Performers: Wilkie Branson, Joel Daniel / Music: Phil King.

  • Deep end Dance. Conor Horgan. Ireland (2010). 6’18″

Mother and son, above and under water,  dance the dance of their lives.

Director: Conor Horgan / Choreographer: David Bolger / Performers: David Bolger, Madge Bolger / Music: Michael Fleming

  • Tra La La. Magali Charrier.


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Event Details

  • Starting Date: 01-12-2011
  • Ending Date: 11-12-2011
  • Address: Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej, 20. Copenhagen (Denmark)