Film Screenings. Modul-dance festival. Hellerau Dresden

Film Screenings · "Amandi" by Elisabeth Prandi

Dancefilm program curated by Núria Font/NU2s included as an activity within the 2nd modul-dance festival at Hellerau Dresden. Films projected:

  • Breakadventure. Igor Krasik. Germany (2012). 1′

Photography is related to theater. The stage is the frame. The frozen pose of a dancer is similar to a photography frame. Abstraction, work with paper, synthesis of sound, picture and motion build the main character of that piece.

Director: Igor Krasik.

  • Amandi. Francesc Sitges-Sardà. Spain (2012). 6′

Amandi is an amalgam made of nature, forests and strange landscapes. Amandi are two characters who pass through this particular area and that, along different paths, take us into a constantly changing world.

Directors: Francesc Sitges-Sardà, Elisabet Prandi / Choreographers and performers: Ferran Carvajal, Marta Filella / Photography direction and camera: Elisabet Prandi / Music: Passacaglia Händel/Halvorsen / Montage: Francesc Sitges-Sardà.

  • Blink. Àlex Rademakers. Spain (2010). 7′

A story of looks, the camera plays the game and become an active member, choreographer improvised that writes through the fragment. A duo who later becomes a trio, an intensive dialogue developed to capture the emotion of the gesture.

Director: Àlex Rademakers / Choreographer: Claudi Bomardó / Performers: Emanuele Soavi, Karl Schreiner, Nora Sitges-Sardà / Music: David Sitges-Sardà

  • Coup de Grâce. Clara van Gool. Netherlands/Spain (2011). 26′

Coup de Grâce is a film about the collapse of a friendship, about what is broken and what cannot break. After a long separation, two men meet again in a massive building in a remote location. In the course of the evening and along an icy night, they fight a weaponless, exhausting duel.

Director: Clara van Gool / Producer: Hanneke Niens, Hans de Wolf, Raül Perales / Script: Jordi Cortés Molina, Damián Muñoz, Clara van Gool / Cinematography: Nils Post / Editing: Stefan Kamp, John Hipkiss  / Performers: Jordi Cortés Molina, Damián Muñoz.

  • Away From Here. Katrina McPherson. UK (2011). 12 ‘

Set in the dramatic West Highlands of Scotland, Away From Here examines the fleeting relationship of people to a sense of place and belonging; exploring the incongruity of our relationship to an ancient landscape. A collaboration between highly acclaimed dance company plan B and multi-award winning Goat Media, the project was filmed in HD, entirely on location with an international cast and crew in August 2011.

Director: Katrina McPherson / Choreographer: Frank McConell / Editor: Simon Fildes / Music: Luke Sutherland. Dancers/Performers: Julia McGhee, Robbie Synge, Juta Campbell, Mekbul Jemal Tahir, Anne-Gaelle Thiriot / Photography director: Jono Smith.

  • Private I’S. Oren Shkedy. Israel (2012). 21′

The film follows the construction, eruption, corruption and destruction of the masculine self and other. It investigates the boundaries of masculinity, and the forces that operate on the male body, while borrowing from different cultures and modalities. The movement language can be traced to traditional forms and concepts integral to martial arts. It translates it into a contemporary individualized expression in different ways, while counterbalancing it with the mundane “every day” gestures of male bonding.

Director: Oren Shkedy / Choreographer: Dana Ruttenberg / Photography director: Ram Shweky / Performers: Uri Shafir, Ofir Yudilevitch.

  • Animalz. Sergio Cruz. Portugal/UK (2006). 4′

Animalz is an exuberant fantasy in which boys emerge from the sea, like the original amphibians, and colonise a forest, marking out their territory in a break-dance celebration of Nature and her feral sons. The film takes the urban B-Boy skills of Brighton and Hove’s B3 Boys into the city’s surrounding natural landscapes, where sixteen 8-14 year-old dancers were encouraged to bring out the animal in themselves in their energetic performances.

Director: Sergio Cruz / Choreographers: JP Omari, Sergio Cruz

  • Horizon of Exile. Isabel Rocamora. UK/Chile (2007). 22′

Horizon of Exile follows the journey of exile of two women across timeless desert landscapes. Strongly referencing Middle Eastern culture, the film reflects on the female condition; self-image, belonging and effacement. Within a cinematic framework punctuated by voice testimonies of Iraqi exiles, Horizon employs choreographed gesture to consider issues of land and identity. Set to a soundtrack by Jivan Gasparyan the bodies betray a serene violence, travelling as though released from consciousness or gravity, falling and recuperating, haunted by an irrepressible past.

Director: Isabel Rocamora / Performers: Camila Valenzuela, Paulina Garrido / Music: Jivan Gasparyan

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Event Details

  • Starting Date: 19-09-2013
  • Ending Date: 19-09-2013
  • Address: HELLERAU - Europäische Zentrum der Künste Dresden, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 56. Dresden (Germany)