Film Screenings. Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf


Dancefilm program curated by Núria Font/NU2s projected at Tanzhaus NRW in the context of Temps d’images Festival. Films projected:

  • Horizon of Exile. Isabel Rocamora. UK/Chile (2007). 22′

Horizon of Exile follows the journey of exile of two women across timeless desert landscapes. Strongly referencing Middle Eastern culture, the film reflects on the female condition; self-image, belonging and effacement. Within a cinematic framework punctuated by voice testimonies of Iraqi exiles, Horizon employs choreographed gesture to consider issues of land and identity. Set to a soundtrack by Jivan Gasparyan the bodies betray a serene violence, travelling as though released from consciousness or gravity, falling and recuperating, haunted by an irrepressible past.

Director: Isabel Rocamora / Performers: Camila Valenzuela, Paulina Garrido / Music: Jivan Gasparyan

  • Ma mère l’oye. Thierry de Mey. Belgium (2004). 28′

The orchestral richness of this ballet by Maurice Ravel is conveyed in episodes inspired by Charles Perrault’s famous fairy tales. The choreographic material was produced by choreographer-dancers invited to choose a character from the fairy tale and create a dance sequence in the unusual setting of a forest. The illustrative or narrative arguments are used in a very free way, more like poetical suggestions. The plant world acts as an agent provocateur that helps inspire an original quality of movement in front of the camera.

Director: Thierry de Mey / Music: Maurice Ravel with the direction of Pierre Boulez

  • Nascent. Gina Czarnecki. UK/Australia (2005). 10′

Nascent is a visual and visceral journey through and about being. Raw footage of improvised and choreographed performance by dancers from the Australia Dance Theatre is confronted with compositional post-production techniques. The images form a complex and dense rhythmic structure, stretching, smearing and distorting ‘real’ time. The dancers’ gestures and bodies, poised and isolated, gradually become indistinguishable and frenetic – turbulent, mutated fragments that form and reform. Ultimately the image remains recognizably human, but only just.

Director: Gina Czarnecki / Choreographer: Garry Stewart / Music: Fennesz

  • Body Electric 1#. David Pepe. Italy (2005). 4′

The retained power of a dance implodes in small motions, nervous gestures and flashes of the body’s primal energy.

Director and music: David Pepe / Choreographer and performer: Miriam King

  • Untitled Partner. Scentrifug. Sweden (2007). 7′


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Event Details

  • Starting Date: 13-01-2012
  • Ending Date: 13-01-2012
  • Address: Tanzquartier, Museumsplatz 1. Wien (Germany)