Modul-dance Festival. Hellerau Dresden


Hellerau organizes its first modul-dance festival including artists participating in the project and other companies.

Modul-dance projects

Ioannis Mandafounis & May Zarhy, Pausing. 02/11/2012 – 03/11/2012

Pausing floats in the space between dance and movement, shifting between imaginative scenarios and glimpses of reality. The duet Mandafounis/Zarhy creates a personal account of intimacy, inviting us to touch the ephemeral for just a slight moment and to pause there.

Impure Company/Hooman Sharifi, Then love was found and set the world on fire. 09/11/2012 – 10/11/2012

Then love was found and set the world on fire deals with the 1979 Revolution, telling the story of the political events and uprising which took place in Iran. The piece revolves around faces and bodies full of energetic will and determination, with nothing to lose.

Jasmina Krizaj, The Very Delicious Piece. 06/11/2012 – 07/11/2012

“I’m just standing, waiting, since always and till always. Sweaty, vibrating, light- headed, stiff legged, an agitated and addicted body waiting for you. Finally I can declare myself to you. Finally I can surrender myself to you. Finally I can be pathetic. Finally I can be a drama queen. But finally I can go beyond myself and take you with me.”

Other shows by modul-dance artists

Impure Company/Hooman Sharifi, Once Upon a Time Country. 02/11/2012 – 04/11/2012

With Once Upon a Time Country we are seeking to reveal the process of seeing, to stimulate the imagination of the public: What is it to see? How do the eyes connect with the imagination? What do we not see?.

La Veronal/Marcos Morau, Rússia. 06/11/2012

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on earth. In Rússia, by the Spanish group La Veronal, Russia is the geographical embodiment of fear: vast, never-ending ex- panses, the unknown, the cold. These accomplished dancers perform complex choreographical material which appears to be a mixture of distorted classical dance, performative elements and silent movies.

Other shows

Les Slovaks Dance Collective, Fragments. 02/11/2012 – 03/11/2012

In 2010 Les Slovaks delighted the HELLERAU audience with their acclaimed piece Journey home. Their latest work, Fragments bursts with effusive energy before an interwoven background of expressiveness, emotion, virtuoso performance, personal stories and cultural characteristics.

Héctor Solari/Irene Pätzug/Valentin Hertweck, Diesseits. 06/11/2012 and 19/11/2021

Diesseits (meaning ‘this life’ or ‘this side’) is a video installation / room installation in which visitors become choreographers and actors. Their bodies and movements set off reactions in the room, constantly changing the relationship and balance of the objects and bodies in it. It is only their movements that allow the room, the ob- jects in it and its sounds, colours and images to be discovered and experienced.


Körperpolitik: Rhythmik, neuer Tanz und Bewegungschöre. 03/11/2012 – 04/11/2012

The symposium is a starting point both for a research project on body politics and for an artistic project by the Berlin based performance group LIGNA on modern movement choirs. Among the topics of the discussion will be the impulse of Hellerau for modern dance, the notion of a transcultural modernity in this context, the ideology of naturalness, and possible ways to reappropriate the idea of move- ment choirs in contemporary performance.

Second Cities – Performing Cities. Theater im Öffentlichen Raum. 09/11/2012 – 10/11/2012

HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts Dresden is the leading partner of the European network Performing Cities, an alliance of seven theatres in Basel, Dresden, Kraków, Mühlheim, Poitiers, Strasbourg and Utrecht. The network promotes and produces site-specific theatrical productions in ‘second cities’. As a prelude to this two-year project, HELLERAU will be holding a symposium bringing together sociologists, architects, experts in theatre studies and theatre-makers.

The artists Ant Hampton (London), Dries Verhoeven (Utrecht) and Ole Frahm, Michael Hüners and Torsten Michaelsen from Performancekollektiv LIGNA (Hamburg) will take part in the symposium. They will develop new projects within the framework of Second Cities–Performing Cities.

Detailed programme here.

Event Details

  • Starting Date: 02-11-2012
  • Ending Date: 10-11-2012
  • Address: HELLERAU - European Center for the Arts Dresden, Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 56. Dresden (Germany)