Modul-dance Festival. Hellerau Dresden

Modul-dance festival Hellerau 2013

This is the second time that HELLERAU-European Center for the Arts will be putting on show the signature styles of up-and-coming European choreographers. The festival will be presenting both finished works and some which are still being created, with lectures, workshops and a wide range of films rounding off the programme.

Modul-dance projects

Marcos Morau/La Veronal, Siena. 13/09/2013 – 14/09/2013

A woman looks at a Titian painting. A man stands at the door watching the woman look at the paiting. Who sees whom? What is art and how do we look at art? Siena investigates the constant human need for self-observation.

Agata Maszkiewicz, Duel. Work-in-progress showing. 13/09/2013 – 14/09/2013

Imagine a world in which every conflict is resolved as a duel; every argument is a matter of life and death; every presidential candidate puts their life at risk. In Duel, two dancers face one another and act out a series of confrontations.

Marie-Caroline Hominal, Froufrou. Work-in-progress showing. 19/09/2013

The works of Marie-Caroline Hominal revolve around ideas of identity, transformation and anonymity. Her new project Froufrou investigates multiple identities and the question of how these identities are revealed and passed from one person to another.

Patricia Apergi/Aerites Dance Company, Planites. 20/09/2013 – 21/09/2013

The collective mind and body of the city provides the raw materials for the this work. Here, these elements have been re-evaluated so that the concept of wandering aimlessly in the streets (drifting) also applies to strangers, immigrants, people who travel for pleasure or because they have no other choice. This is a very physical dance, full of emotion.

Other shows by modul-dance artists

Antje Pfundtner, Tim Acy. 20/09/2013

Antje Pfundtner is a modul-dance artist. She will present a previous work, Tim Acy. Questions of identity are always a form of communitation to her. In this piece she looks into these questions with a good deal of self-irony, investigation the laws of communication.

Marie-Caroline Hominal, Bat. 21/09/2013

In Bat, Marie-Caroline Hominal tells about various means of disguise, dissappearance and multiple identities resulting from anonymity.

Other shows

Rasmus Olme, Modul 6. Work-in-progress showing. 14/09/2013 – 15/09/2013

What is the modern image of the relationship between dance technique and choreography, and how do we move through the process and result of choreographic work? Modul 6 is the name for the practical research series developed by the Swedish choreographer and dancer Rasmus Olme.

Panaibra Gabriel Canda, Untitled. Work-in-progress showing. 15/09/2013

The Mozambican choreographer Panaibra Canda will be working with his four dancers and one musician at LAB@HELLERAU for one month. During the festival he will be giving a preview ot his new piece, due to premiere at HELLERAU in March 2014.

Other activities


Masterclasses and Open Classes with Panaibra Canda (7/09/2013), Rasmus Ölme (10/09/2013 and 2/09/2013), Agata Maszkiewicz (11/09/2013), Marie-Caroline Hominal (12/09/2013 and 13/09/2013), Antje Pfundtner (19/09/2013) and Patricia Apergi (21/09/2013).

Opening party. 13/09/2013

Choreographic Captures. 13/09/2013 – 21/09/2013

Shortdancefilms. 13/09/2013 + 19/09/2013

Curated by Núria Font-Nu2′s. Click here (13/09/2013) and here (19/9/2013) to see both programmes.

Podiumsdiskussion. 15/09/2013

Closing Party. 21/09/2013

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Event Details

  • Starting Date: 13-09-2013
  • Ending Date: 21-09-2013
  • Address: HELLERAU - Europäische Zentrum der Künste Dresden, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 56. Dresden (Germany)