SÂLMON<. Modul-dance Festival. Mercat de les Flors Barcelona

Sâlmon Festival 2012

SÂLMON< offers a two-week programme which presents artists who have participated in the modul-dance project. Those artists who have completed a residency at Graner and have been selected by the festival curators also take part in SÂLMON<.

SÂLMON< is conceived as an event for presentations, meetings and discovery to be shared by the audience, artists and anyone interested in seeing different approaches to movement and dance, a new event in the city, a stable annual festival that allows the audience to view and accompany the artists’ work within a participatory European framework.

Modul-dance projects

Mizar Martínez, Half Past Four Under the Chandelier + Sònia Sánchez, El Plec. 31/10/2012 – 01/11/2012

Thanks to a carte blanche provided by the modul-dance project, Mizar Martínez has carried out research at the CDC in Toulousse and Sònia Sánchez in CND Paris.

Ben Duke / Lost Dog, It Needs Horses / Home for Broken Turns. 31/10/2012 – 01/11/2012

The duet It Needs Horses by Lost Dog, winner of The Place Prize, arrives at the Mercat together with the company’s latest work, Home for Broken Turns: a very physical theatre-dance piece full of black humour, performed by a international cast of artists from renowned European dance and physical theatre companies such as the Hofesh Shechter Company, Fabulous Beast and Gecko.

La Zampa, Spekies. Work-in-progress showing. 02/11/2012

A reflection on the future, which, with its silent presence, marks the direction we have to take. Spekies (from the Latin, ‘aspect’, ‘vision’, ‘appearance’) is an approach to form and premonition in the company of guitarist Marc Sens and crime novelist Caryl Ferey.

Helena Franzén, Slipping through my Fingers. 08/11/2012 – 09/11/2012

The Swedish choreographer bases her work on movement, especially on the details of movement, together with the intelligence and poetry of the body. Is inspired by Gus Van Sant’s movie Gerry, which describes how two friends fight for survival in circumstances full of physical challenges.

Tânia Carvalho, Icosahedron. 10/11/2012 – 11/11/2012

Icosahedron is a piece created by Tânia Carvalho for twenty dancers distributed in four groups; each of them represents a single body – although it may have the appearance of being fragmented – which can be observed frontally and also from other angles. The five dancers in each group represent a unique body structure.

Other shows by modul-dance artists

Daniel Abreu. Head. 03/11/2012 – 04/11/2012

The work draws on the concept of the drop as both a starting point and source of identity, as a presence and shape for things. Amplifying the number of gestures, Abreu thus reveals the creation of a choreographic space.

Other shows

Jakob Ampe, Pieter Ampe i Campo. Jake & Pete’s Big Reconciliation Attempt for the Disputes from the Past. 03/11/2012 – 04/11/2012

In this production, the brothers examine each other from very close-up, like in a mirror. This is a mutual study that includes both extreme moments and subtleties, in which the dancer finds his voice and the singer discovers his body. Apart from this, there is another thing that unites these brothers: their fondness for plain humour.

Umma Umma Dance & Manuel Rodríguez, Loser Kings + Eulàlia Ayguadé, Little Me. 08/11/2012 – 09/11/2012

Double Programme with resident artists at Graner. Loser Kings investigates the location of the genuine, primitive essence of man, viewing the inside of the body as an allegorical prison for the individual. Little Me evinces the implicit speed of our society and the need to stop and reflect without a time limit, adopting change and evolution as the inevitable path that human beings cannot escape from.
Eulàlia Ayguadé is one of the most prominent Catalan dancers on the international contemporary dance scene. In 2010 she was nominated outstanding dancer at the London Critics’ Awards.

Patricia Caballero, Lo raro es que estemos vivos. 10/11/2012 – 11/11/2012

The piece is an exploration of the intrahistory of certain specific processes of the enculturation of art. Her work draws on her appreciation of the practices and records – which still survive today – of some of the oldest philosophical, religious, popular and artistic traditions.

Concurrent activities

Tools for International Mobility in a European Framework. 08/11/2012 – 09/11/2012

A two-day meeting aimed at artists, managers and professionals from the ambits of dance and the performing arts, which addresses the concept of artistic mobility in theory and in practice.

We have invited Agnès Henry, director of artistic cooperation and projects for the organization Extrapole to help us to open a meeting where we’ll talk about artistic project, product, cooperation, translational thinking…

The second day of the meeting will count on the presence of international artists selected for the third year of the project modul-dance. We aim to create a space for dialogue and exchange between local and international artists where they can share experiences, opinions and ideas about artistic mobility.

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Event Details

  • Starting Date: 31-10-2012
  • Ending Date: 11-11-2012
  • Address: Mercat de les Flors, Lleida, 59. Barcelona (Spain)