SÂLMON<. Modul-dance Festival. Mercat de les Flors Barcelona

Sâlmon Festival 2012

This festival provides an opportunity to see the latest works by some of the artists-in-residence at the Graner art factory. Now in its third year the SÂLMON< festival has consolidated itself as a showcase for local creators with a different approach to the language of movement.

This year sees the close of a stage linked to the international programming at modul-dance. During the four years of project the Graner has been the host to over a dozen international artists associated with it.

In parallel, SÂLMON< will host the closing conference of the European project during three days. This meeting will bring together international artists and the directors of the principal European dance houses in Barcelona in order to explore different work methodologies and approaches to dance and contemporary creation. SÂLMON< promotes talent and supports artists looking for a personal language. The ten-day programme provides an overview of contemporary local productions related to the language of movement, which use very different starting points, aesthetics and forms of expression.

SÂLMON< is an occasion for exchange, action and reflection, taking movement as a reference point: ten days to establish a dialogue between artists, professionals and the public, with a programme that combines entertainment, laboratories, talks, workshops and improvised activities.

Modul-dance projects

loscorderos, ULTRAinnocence. 27/11/2014

Mala Kline, Eden. 28/11/2014

Other shows by modul-dance artists

Jefta van Dinther, Grind. 29/11/2014 – 30/11/2014

Tânia CarvalhoSíncopa. 06/12/2014 – 07/12/2014

Marcos Morau / La Veronal, Islandia. 06/12/2014 – 07/12/2014

Other shows

Manuel Rodríguez, Screensaver. 27/11/2014 – 28/11/2014

Aimar Pérez Galí,  Accumulating. 29/11/2014 – 30/11/2014

Lipi Hernández, Choreographic SIMULATIONS. 30/11/2014 – 01/12/2014

Camaralucida, Olatz de Andrés, Nuria Guiu. 3/4 of dance: Sistema, Privolva and Login, 03/09/2014 – 04/12/2014

Albert Quesada, Wagner & Ligeti. 04/12/2014

Lipi Hernández, El canto de los caballos. 05/12/2014

Other activities

Modul-dance final conference. 27/11/2014 – 29/11/2014

Disboot Dj + Za! 29/11/2014 (Opening party)

Mapping international resources. 01/12/2014 (Working session)

Pablo Gisbert, Workshop on dramaturgy. 03/12/2014 – 04/12/2014 (Workshop)

Núria Guiu, Analogical Body vs Digital Body. 05/12/2014 (Workshop)

Tânia Carvalho, 06/12/2014 – 07/12/2014 (Masterclass)

Event Details

  • Starting Date: 27-11-2014
  • Ending Date: 07-12-2014
  • Address: Mercat de les Flors, Lleida 54. Barcelona (Spain)